Denmark welcomes ISIS war-criminals with rehab

AL-Jazera has the story.


Aarhus, Denmark – An innovative rehabilitation programme is offering Danish Muslims in Syria an escape route from the conflict zone and help getting their lives back on track without the threat of prosecution.

“A lot of guys who come home have experienced a loss of innocence and some sort of loss of moral belief. They thought they were going down there for a good cause. And what they found was thugs who are decapitating women and children and raping and killing people, and everything smells and you’ve got diarrhoea from drinking the water and it’s not the great cosmic battle for al-Sham that you’d imagined.” [- Steffen Nielsen, crime prevention advisor]

Police in Aarhus believe they include about 30 people from the city. Danish media reported in July on the death of a local teenager alleged to have been fighting with Islamic State while another local man, a 21-year-old white Danish convert, is believed to have carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq earlier this year.

But Nielsen remains sceptical about how many have been involved in serious fighting and said most who had returned appeared to have travelled to participate in humanitarian work.


There are several things wrong here.

First, the socialist rulers normaly (when it serves them) stay high ground on UN conventions. From that any war criminal must be prosecuted. But as in the case of Frank Aaen, a fürher of the communist party, Enhedslisten, who is likely related to war crimes in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, when its not convinient they don’t do the prosecution.

Second, thers no such thing as “danish muslim”. Correct denunication of a muslim (allahs slave) is a muhammedanian (follower of profet muhammed). And they are invaders.

Third, not all have done war-crime… Ok, so we don’t procecute anyone.


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