Dk ambassdor to PH: a political village idiot

The ambassador, Jan Top Christensen, has a semi private FB profile where he reports on his work. In principle thats welcome. But the ambassador has to remember what regime his working under. And thats not a presidential system where appointments are made up on loyaltie to the ruler, but a parlementarie system, where he is a simple servant to the system as such.

The ambassador express his firm support to The Philippines stand in the dispute regarding South China/West Philippine sea. It seams nice and it’s official danish policy that such conflicts must be solved under the UN-regime. So far so good. But taking some facts into considaration, he sould be more carefull:

The terme West Philippine Sea is coined (more precise: taken into use) by the Akbayan party list and is used as part of the internal philippine political game.

Chinas position are that the conflict is not relevant to be solved under UN-regime, but from historical facts and up on political compromise. And thats actually the position the Philippines helds in the question of Sabehe…

Let aside the danish relation to China…

Regarding the possible new arrangement in the south west of Mindanao, formorly know as ARMM, his support for this is in accordence with his political masters. But he sould, as a proffesional, know that this is a hot topic in the Philippines, which despite not reflected in the MSM, has potential to conflicts and game chaning. And to be turned down by the SC of the PH. And in a broader perspective: Potential to trick a very nasty civil war among the filipinos them self.

A ambassador taking part of the political game in the country hosting him? One thing is, it’s inapproiate; worser it’s stupid.

As said, the ambassdore are in accordence with his political masters and so he is not controversial, let aside I heavily disagree with the their political goals. I don’t expect the danish foregin service to promote my wieves and interests. Or others. I expect them to take care of the mutual relations and interests between the nations in question, which include to prepare for the unexpected and stay clear of taking part in actions with potential to poisining furture relations.

But if the ambassador wants to provide facts on whats going on in the Philippines, where the potential for futher private cooperations, what and where are the pitt falls and so on: It’s very welcome.

Link to the ambassadores FB profile.



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