Moros go to syria

As we have see in europe muhammedanians from around the globe join in to ISIS and the ongoing war in Syria and Irak.

However the philippine contribution seams to be relatively moderat compared to european countries like Belgium and Denmark. One thing that partly explains this is, that the moros dont shares the etnical background with syrians which there in europe living counterparts do.

Manilastandartoday reports:

“SYRIAN militants had recruited and funded Filipino Muslim rebels to wage war alongside Islamic State forces in Syria, which was the same scheme employed by Libya with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MNLF) during the Mindanao rebellion in the 1920s(must be 1970s), MNLF spokesman Absalom Cerveza said in refuting the military’s claim.

Cerveza said a financier from Syria, probably from opposition militants, has facilitated the funding and recruitment of Filipino rebels to fight in the war-torn country.”

“At least 200 members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) claimed by the rebel faction had been reportedly dispatched to help ISIS fight Syrian government forces, a claim that the military repeatedly denied.

Cerveza said the same tactic was used by the late Libyan President Muammar Muhammad Khadaffy, who provided funds to MNLF founding Chairman Nur Misuari during the dark days of the Mindanao rebellion in the 70s.”

“On Monday, the military refused to say anything on the matter without a more concrete proof.

“We don’t to speculate until we have basis to say that,” Armed Forces Spokesman Major Gen, Sonny Tutaan said. All information is still being verified.

But Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the reports on the recruitment, even in Davao, may have some truth into it.”

Mentioning Khadaffy and the 1970s has the interesting angel that he was also an aide of various european lefist groups, such as nationalsocialists and other socialists. Its know that danish leftist party “Venstre Socialisterne”, a leninist party and today a part of “Enhedslisten” recived cash from libiyan diplomats. And that members of said party in the 1970s and 1980s travelled the SEA, among them the Philippines, to find counterparts.

More on foreign fighters in Syria.


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