Boycot LEGO

and anyone else who directly or indirectly support Greenpeace and the alike.

UK Mirror reports, back in july that danish toymaker LEGO would not give in to the green terror organisation who demanded LEGO to drop cooperation with SHELL.

Now danish and international media reports that the toymaker has agreed with the terror goup to stop cooperation. – Which was about to supply SHELL customers with toy, in connection with purcase on their gas stations.

In 2013 the terror group staged vandalism to a research field, growing GMO rice, so called “golden rice”. It seams that the terrorist from Greenpeace has a desire to starve poor people. They claim this is to save the world, but more likely this is about money, by putting them self in a position where they, under the thraet of boycot and shaming, can force companys to support them.On the Bicol incident of terrorism it was reported:

“The officials shared that there were farmers in the group, but they just watched and stayed on the sidelines. Local customs and traditions dictate that the destruction of a living field brings bad fortune – Bicolanos refer to it as “Bosung”. Those who entered the field to vandalize were mostly young men and some covered their faces.

The local officials and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) recounted that the rallyists had been assembled in Legazpi City the day before, and brought overnight to Naga City in a convoy of about a dozen jeepneys. In Naga City they had been housed in local hotels. It was reported that the group included foreigners. ”


To put this in claer lingo: Greenpeace hired members of local, but not Bicol locals, youth gangs to vandalize the fields and crops.

The question, how can reasonble citizen deal with this, rise. And for companys themself, how to avoid beeing draged into other peoples conflicts and to be put under the risk of being black mailed.

As citizens we can put LEGO under double boycot. They already have given in to the boycot treaht of Greenpeace. Now they can say goodbye to my purcase of 5.000 peso LEGO. Instead i will buy 3.000 peso chinese copy and use the surplus for beer.


also relevant:



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