Danish left wing MP’ speeks racist on pinoys

Blogger hold the oppinion that there is acctually no such thing (racism). If there was, those claiming so, would decades ago had come up with clear definetions, documentation etc. However since leftists use the concept as a weapon against who ever come acros them, I use it same style the other way around.

It should be noted that the debate is not about pinoys, but about usual blame came among politicians. The actually context is emmigration policy and danish people having  pinas as au-pair (sort of domestic helper) in there home.

Enhedslisten’ Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen in Information:


»Det minder om gamle dage, hvor overklassen havde ret til tyende, der stod til rådighed dag og nat for at opvarte og servicere dem. Tyende, der stort set ingen rettigheder havde og i øvrigt fik en løn, som man knap kan tillade sig at kalde en løn,« siger hun.

Translation: It’s like old days, when the upper class had the right to a servenat who should on duty 24/7, to pleasure and service them, Servants, who barely had any rights, and by the way get a pay you barely could call a wage” she says”


Socialdemokrat Mette Reissmann (head line on her own blog):


Når au-pair bliver slang for slave

Translation: When au-pair becomes slang for slave


At blog punditokraterne, Erik Winther Paisly, has been around same theme.

That contains quotes from a sociologic study done among boholian women who as been on au-pair in denmark.



“‘grew up with her job (…) I became an adult when I worked here [where she was maid], as I budgeted my money for important things, for my family’.”

“to stand on my own feet, to be independent, to decide on my own, to be strong – I was far from my loved ones, that is a big challenge’.”

”While the au pairs framed their move as challenging, some also emphasised that they found pleasure in escaping the watchful eyes at home. … ”As one au pair put it: ‘it’s like you’ve been jailed and off-jailed’”

“Another au pair similarly explained that one of the great things about going abroad was gaining freedom, having been restrained by parental control until she came to Denmark at the age of 24.”

Through migration they thus acquire higher social status in their local society, which allows them to re-position themselves within their families, as long as they live up to the ideals of maturity, prudence, and independence that are associated with adulthood in Philippine society. Despite the many ambiguities, uncertainties, and possibilities of exploitation that are associated with au pairing, it is therefore regarded, in the au pairs’ home communities, as an attractive pathway towards personal development for young women.

“au pairing in Denmark was generally viewed in very positive terms in the Philippines. Former au pairs, who also had work experience from Singapore, … described their au pair placement in Denmark as significantly safer and less labour intensive.”


Link to the  the study it self (pay wall)


In the way leftists or liberals usally use the term racist, the two leftist are actually speeking in a racist way about the filipina. Others, whom think by themself, may say its just stupid and degrading (speeking about others as they are just commodeties), and tells more about the person who says it, than on the persons in questeion. More over, in the context, which is danish politics, theres no reason to involve a third party and speek degrading about said third party.

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