Danish PM still a tax evader

A investigation has been made to figur out who was “deep throth” who leaked the PM’ tax case. The leak has not been found the investigation board conclude after spending 2½ year and 25 million dkk.

What came out with the leak was:

  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt unlawfull used her spouse, Stephen Kinnock, son of former british laiberor party leader Neil Kinnock and influental politician Gladys, tax redemption.
  • Under the case it was revealed, as a rumor,  that her spouse should be bi-sexual. Rumor has been up before by a russian blogger refering to russian inteligence servise FSB, but this time it was brougt up by her personal tax-lawyer, Frode Holm, as a mean to make the couple escape from a personal interwive with the tax authority.
  • Her spouse was danish tax-citizen until the tax authority re-intrepreted the law when said case was under investigation.
  • A innocent taxpayer nearly got into prison for 1½ year, because tax authority refused to make the new intrepretation public.
  • Tax authority are now remaking more than 100 previous decisions to make them complie with the new intrepretation.

Regarding the last three points, responsible officer in SKAT (tax authority) is Erling Andersen. Known for being a member of the PM’ party… And after wards being promoted by the goverment (he’ on level where it’ actually the govervent who approve him for the new and higher position…

Welcome to one of the worlds least corrupt countries, Denmark. BTW: a coop between danish SKAT and Philippine counterpart BIR is on the way, according to sources.

And the PM is still bitching over the leak…

Along and update:

Blogger in arms Jan Christensen has this background pice on Mr. Erling Andersen, documentation etc.

Law professor (tax law), Jan Pedersen, defend in todays JP Erling Andersen:


»Jeg synes ikke, der var noget at bebrejde Erling Andersen. Det var en højprofileret sag, som man behandlede på øverste niveau. Så kunne man ikke delagtiggøre alle og enhver i Skat om det bagefter,« siger Jan Pedersen.

In english:

I don’t think theres any thing to blame Erling Andersen for. The case was high profil, and was handled on the highest level. So they could not inform everyone in SKAT about it afterwards, says Jan Pedersen.


Im very surprised that this guy can be a law professor. On the other hand he has to be put a place  where he posses a minimum of danger to innocent people, such as the asylum for idiots, Aarhus University.

At Punditokraterne, Nikolaj Steenberg have a look at Jan Pedersen too.

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