Germans get there sanity back

A article at reports that people finaly has got enough of being fed up with so called “multiculturalism” an oxymoron for introducing islam and facism into mainstream europe. From the article:


Some Dresdeners have updated an old East German tradition: The “Monday demos” that used to gather to protest against the Communist regime before 1989. In the past few weeks they been revived in the growing “PEGIDA” demonstrations against Islam. PEGIDA stands for “Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes” or “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West,” and associated demonstrations have sprung up in several cities around Germany – “Kagida” in Kassel, “Wügida” in Würzburg, “Bogida” in Bonn, and “Dügida” in Düsseldorf.

Meanwhile, the statements about Islam are aimed squarely at extremist groups: “We will not accept any ‘activities’ of IS, PKK, al Qaeda, or whatever they’re all called.” That statement is odd not only because the PKK is a Kurdish separatist group whose ideology is not Islamist but leftist, but also because membership in any of these groups is already illegal in Germany, although they are active here.

Nevertheless, according to some political scientists from Saxony, these demos should be put in a different bracket than the “Hooligans against Salafists” demo that took in Cologne earlier this year. “If 10,000 people take to the streets, then this is something broader,” said Werner Patzelt, founder of the Institute of Political Science at Dresden Technical University. “According to the police, there are 400 to 500 far-right extremists and violent supporters of a Dresden football club among them, but the majority are completely normal people. Of course, they’re not people who usually vote Green, or the Left party, or the SPD [Social Democrats], but they’re not extremists.”

But Patzelt thinks the politicians would do well not to dismiss the demonstrations. “The demand is a thorough debate about immigration policy,” he told DW. “That hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Superficial reactions, like the Saxon interior minister’s suggestion to introduce a special police unit for foreigner or asylum seeker criminality, are useless. That doesn’t touch the problem. What would be really helpful is an increasing willingness among local politicians to talk about these problems. There needs to be a discussion about what kind of immigrant policy the country wants – and what kind of integration policy is possible.”


“Of course, they’re not people who usually vote Green, or the Left party, or the SPD [Social Democrats], but they’re not extremists.”

So people who vote left (a communist party) or Green (a party founded by a nazi and accept to have in there ranks paedophiles) are mainstraem, while others are regaded “extremists”?


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