En for mor, en for far, en for…

Vi citere bagfra GRPs BenigO senest rant på emigration:

And, to the First World, perhaps your peoples should start going back to the basic business of producing enough babies at sufficient replacement rates. You know: one for daddy, one for mummy, and one for country. That way you need not rely on immigration and outsourcing to keep your economies humming.

That Filipinos are being treated “badly” in Singapore is not the root problem. The root problem here is the sad reality that Filipinos are trooping to Singapore to find work to begin with.

Simply-put, there really is only just one sustainable path for any country. And it involves building a self-sufficient economy where people consume mainly what is produced within their shores by industries built by capital created and sourced primarily through domestic and inherent capabilities.

Og fra starten:

So while the French are stuck with 5 million Muslims, Singaporeans are stuck with almost 200,000 Filipinos. France, of course, has bigger problems. The Muslim population there is proportionately bigger at 7.5 percent of the population. Filipinos “guests” in Singapore, on the other hand, make up less than 4 percent. Many French Muslims are citizens. But, in Singapore, guest workers hardly ever make Singaporean citizenship.

What both countries have in common though is that both likely ended up with this immigrant population because of the usual afflictions affluent societies suffer nowadays — ageing populations, and workforces raised with a sense of entitlement that makes them disinclined to take on “dirty” jobs. That’s the void workers from the Third World come in in droves to gleefully fill. Armed with a work ethic bolstered by the low standards of living in their home countries that make them more appreciative of even the smallest improvements in working conditions and, of course, the relatively “high” salaries offered by even minimum-wage work in the First World, Third World “guest” workers are a force to reckon with.


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