“Us” and “Them”

Swedish Surveyor

I’ve decided to translate yet another one of Julia Caesar’s popular Sunday chronicles available in Swedish on the website Snaphanen. This one is named “Us and Them” and concerns a scandal of epic proportions, the Swedish governments “society coach” program. The plan was for the coaches to assist newly arrived immigrants with getting jobs and becoming integrated into society.

The coaches worked for private companies who, in turn, were hired by the state-run job agency but it turned out to be a billion-kronor fiasco with coaches being accused of fraud, bribery, threats, blackmail, people smuggling and recruiting to militant fighting groups such as the Islamic State.

The Local and the Daily Mail both published articles with the headline ”Swedish migrant aids were Isis recruiters” and they have chosen to translate the (pardon my french) bloody untranslateable Swedish word ”etableringslots” with terms such as ”immigrant resettlement assistants”, ”assimilation guides program”…

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