demoer mod islamisering (au)

Aussierne er længre fremme med modstanden mod den islamiserings proces som et sammenrend af nazister, naviister, socialdemokrater og andre kommunister/socialister har iværksat som en opfølgning af Adolf Hitlers alliance med islam. 4. april var der således 15 steder på kontinentet demonstrationer mod islamisering og radikal ekstremisme.

Som optakt havde den venstreekstreme publikation “The Guardian” en artikel, der på forhånd skulle flytte nazist og racist fokuset væk fra egne rækker og over på de fredelige demonstranter. Fra artiklen:

An anti-Islamic group called Reclaim Australia is planning 16 rallies across the country on Saturday to be addressed by controversial speakers including a reputed member of the far-right Australian Defence League.

Counter-demonstrations are being organised in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other sites by leftwing activists, who say people may attend the events – branded as “protecting the Australian way of life” – without being aware of their links to extremist groups.

Burgess maintains a website under the alias the Great Aussie Patriot, where he posts videos by rightwing nationalist groups and warnings about the perceived dangers of Islam.

His website also promotes his band, Eureka Brigade, who have written songs such as Shit on a Mosque and ADL Killing Machine.

Holt told Guardian Australia the rallies were intended to “stop this racism against us by Islam”. “We’re not the racists, we’re patriots. And besides, Islam is not a race,” he said.

“I’ve done a bit of research online,” he said. “Everything you see online coupled with what you see on television, that gives people a rational fear, and that rational fear is spreading from one thing, that’s Islam. If we’re racist saying we don’t want that small element in Australia, then I’m happy to wear that badge.”

Other scheduled speakers include the cartoonist Larry Pickering, who will address the Gold Coast rally, and the evangelical Christian preacher Danny Nalliah, who will speak in Melbourne. Nalliah is the leader of the Catch the Fire ministries, which hosted the World Congress of Families conference in August, and was the lead candidate for the Rise Up Australia party in November’s Victorian election.

Organisers of the counter-demonstrations said they expected large turnouts in most capital cities.

abc har man en rapport om forløbet:

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the anti-Islamic fears of Reclaim Australia protesters as “exaggerated” and unfounded.

Yesterday saw heated exchanges at protests around the country with the Reclaim Australia group facing off against supporters of multiculturalism.

The largest gathering was in Melbourne where protesters from both sides pressed against police officers charged with the responsibility of separating the two groups.

Supporters of multiculturalism say the Reclaim Australia rallies would have caused distress among new migrants.

The group said its hundreds of supporters were rallying against Islamic extremism, and not Muslims in general, but Welcome to Australia’s pastor Brad Chilcott said many of the signs and comments at the rallies were hurtful.

“It’s very easy to protest against a concept, but when you know the individuals that are impacted by this and recognise that they are just everyday people like you and I trying to make their way in Australia, you see the real damage that images like these do to people,” he said.

Recalim Australia held 16 rallies in capital cities, regional and rural centres, speaking out against sharia law, halal certification and Islamic extremism.

Counter-rallies were organised by opposing groups to protest against Reclaim Australia, which they said was anti-Muslim.

One Nation’s Pauline Hanson addressed supporters in Brisbane, while opposition protesters booed and held signs saying “racists and bigots please go back to where you came from”.

“My fellow Australians, we have people here today who stand against racism. Thank you for your support, so do I,” Ms Hanson said.

“I’m not a racist — criticism is not racism. I am a proud Australian fighting for our democracy, culture, and way of life.

“This rally being held across our nation today was called out of sheer frustration from ordinary Australians who fear for the future of our nation and the mindset of our politicians, who don’t appear to be listening.”

Danny Nalliah from the Rise Up Australia Party addressed the rally in Melbourne and said he was “not against Muslim people, but … opposed to the teachings of Islam”.

“We love the Germans, we oppose the Nazi philosophy. We oppose communist philosophy but we love the Russians and Chinese,” he said.

“Likewise, we oppose Islam but we love the Muslim people.”

But Melbourne anti-racist rally organiser Mel Gregson attacked the group, accusing it of spreading “conspiracy theories” by linking halal products with the Islamic State terrorist group.

“It’s basically implicating good Muslim people in the political movements of a tiny minority,” she said.

På denne korte video kan man se, hvordan sammenrendet af bl.a. nazister går løs på de fredelige anti-islamiserings demonstranter. Bemærk Che ikonet i nederste højrehjørne. Socialisterne er, ligesom muhammedanerne, ligefrem stolte over deres tidligere massemord.

Reclaim Australia FB

Reclaim Australia web site


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