Flytninge lejre uden for…

For noget tid siden forlød det, vidst også i telegrammer i dansk MSM, at Australien ville søge, at placere flytninge i lejre på Filippinerne. Det blev i første omgang kolpoteret så man kunne tro der var en aftale. Det Filippinske Udenrigsministerium slog det dog omgående ned.

09 October 2015

The meeting in the UN between Secretary Albert F. del Rosario and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop covered many areas of our bilateral relations, with particular focus on our working for a comprehensive partnership. The global discourse on the issue of migration and refugees was also discussed in the context of how each country is finding ways to fulfill its international obligations. END

Der er lidt nyt om det spørgsmål:

Philippines president Benigno Aquino says his country will not accept any refugees sent by Australia if they are expected to resettle permanently.

Mr Aquino said he was “seriously considering” an Australian Government proposal to accept some refugees, but only if they were in the South-East Asian nation temporarily.

“If this proposed agreement is not transitory in nature… we feel we are not in a capacity at this point in time to afford permanent residency to these people,” he said.

“Australia can recognise that we do have a significantly bigger population than they do.

“We have challenges to meeting the needs of our people right now.

“We would want to assist but there are limitations.”

Tilbage i 1980erne var Jan Top Christensen, der nu er Dansk ambassadør i Manila leder af en lejer på øen Palawan for vietnamesiske bådflygtninge. Mere om ham her.

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