Elbæks løgne

En venlig person, formentlig en venligbo, Lola Katharina Jahn har udstået hvad de fleste af os næppe kan, nemlig at høre på Uffe Elbæk i næsten 7 minutter. Og ikke alene det hun har også transkiberet det interwive Uffe Elbæk gav til Canadisk CBC 17. december. Lolas udskrift:

Den 17. December lavede CBC Canada et interview med Uffe Elbæk, det skulle efter sigende være bl.a. i dette interview at Uffe Elbæk har begået landsskadeligt virke imod Danmark og været indirekte skyld i at vores statsminister er blevet tegnet som en Nazist i the Guardian. Jeg har taget mig den frihed at lave en transcription af hele det 6 minutter og 50 sekunder lange interview. Og her kan du læse det.

From CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/…/denmark-wants-to-seize-jewelry-and-othe…

Interviewer: Mr. Elbaek first of all, what do you think about this proposal?

Uffe: I- I think it’s outrageous and it makes me really feel bad about me as a dane and the danish society. And I know that’s not the way the danes are or want to be? But I think it’s an awful political suggestion from the government.
Interviewer: What would this law allow the authorities to do to refugees?

Uffe: The plan from the government is to come up with ideas about how can we make Denmark less attractive for refugees to come to? If a refugee arrives to Denmark and have for example jewellery or watches, personal belongings, which have a certain value then they will take it away from the refugees.

Interviewer: And money as well?

Uffe: And money as well. And of course when the government came out with this suggestion people said “What? This can’t be true. Because it’s like an echo from the 30s.” And everyone got the same pictures about what happened in Germany when we took away jewellery and personal belongings from the jews. Of course this is not the context in Denmark. But it creates the same kind of pictures in peoples heads and the same kind of emotions.
Interviewer: Has anyone asked the authorities if they will remove the gold fillings from peoples teeth?

Uffe: Eh-he That – That was of course something that the people said “Is that what is coming up next?” That is not in the plan from the government. I think that overall ambition from the government is to actual use this as what we in danish call “signal-politics”. To send a very strong signal to the refugees saying you are actually not welcome. And that’s of course what makes me as an MP and as a head of my party ashamed about my own country and ashamed about the politics coming out from the government. And it’s – it’s the totally different story than what is coming out from Canada these days with the new Trudeau government saying actually “Hey. We welcome the refugees coming in from Syria”. It’s exactly the opposite Denmark is telling the world.

Interviewer: How many refugees are arriving in Denmark?

Uffe: That’s – of course what was a bit of a shock for a lot of ordinary danes was when you saw the refugees coming over the borders and walking on our motorways. Most of them wanted to get to Sweden and Sweden had – has actually taken in around 160.000 refugees. And I think that altogether Denmark, it’s around maybe between 15.000, up to 20.000 refugees.
Interviewer: The danish government has already put out signs and notices in countries like Libanon telling – basically telling refugees you are not welcome in –

Uffe: Yeah

Interviewer: Denmark, but how does this idea seizing their valuables come about? Because wasn’t it just the danish justice minister – he did an interview on a radioshow and –

Uffe: Yeah

Interviewer: suddenly this idea was there?

Uffe: During that specific interview where the journalist been asked the minister for justice “would that mean that you are going to take the refugees personal belongings and jewels?” In the beginning he said “no no, not personal belongings” and then the <muffled word> “so what is this all about?” And then he came with this now very famous quote. And he said “but if there’s a refugee coming with a suitcase full of diamonds, of course we’re going to take them” and then everyone said “What? There’s no refugees coming with across the border and all the way from the Mediterranean all up through the balkan states, all up through Germany arriving in Denmark with a suitcase with diamonds. God damnit” So people said “this is outrageous!”. So it has been a very heated debate the last couple of weeks. And I’m looking forward to see the concrete law going through the parliament and the discussion in the parliament after new year.

Interviewer: But it’s likely to become the law.

Uffe: Yes and it’s not only this specific thing about taking the jewels and peoples watches. It’s actually they are changing the – normally if you are hold back from the authorities like for example been arrested by the police. You have to meet a judge before 72 hours, but they are going to change that as well, when it comes to refugees. So they can just arrest the refugees and not even take their case in front of a judge. So there is something completely rotten is happening in Denmark. When it comes to this specific political question.

Interviewer: The motivation, they say “well the asylum seekers will cost money. They have to be supported when they are here. So if they have any valuables they should be paying to support themselves.” And so, how do people in Denmark regard that? Do they think that the refugees are costing the country money?

Uffe: This is the attitude among a lot of danes. And this change of mindset has going on for maybe – I would say around 20 years. Since we saw the rise of the danish peoples party. And in the beginning everyone saw the – when they were talking about the danish peoples party they were saying “Oh but they are just outsiders. They will never go mainstream” But their policy and the attitude has for sure gone mainstream. So a lot of danes right now think that people are coming to Denmark, because we’re a very strong welfare state and they want to be supported by our social welfare system. And that’s the reason. Which is in this – right now when you see what is happening in Syria and in the middle east. Which actually Denmark has a moral stake in, because we were part of the collision, when it comes to the war in Iraq back in 2003 and we have been heavily involved in the conflict since. So just with that kind of political glasses on we should have totally another attitude when it comes to how can we solve the refugee crisis. It’s not an easy case, I’m not saying this is easy. It’s complicated. It’s also messy and we have to figure out how to do it. But the way the government has reacted with a strong support from the danish peoples party. I think that’s a shame.

Interviewer: Alright, we will leave it there. We will be following this story mr. Elbaek. I appreciate you joining us tonight.

Uffe: Thank you.

Interviewer: Goodnight.

Uffe: Goodnight.


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