Hvis du overhovedet kan…

Så deltag imorgen lørdag i PEGIDA vandreturen i København.

Det gælder din egen frihed og fremtid og det gælder dine efterkommeres. Fra PEGIDA Danmarks webside:

You are hereby invited to join us for a Europe-wide silent demonstration against radical islam.  Many countries will be joining us at the same time all across Europe.

We will meet at Axeltorv in Copenhagen the 6th of February, at 14:00 Hrs.  Our guest speakers will be Gavin Boby from England, our very own Lars Hedegaard and Ingrid Carlqvist from Sweden.

The aim is to united our various countries in a common effort to foster cooperation and collaboration.

Please note that this, as always, is a peaceful demonstration. We do not accept racism, Nazism/fascism or any other form of extremism. No alcohol allowed at our demonstrations and no face masks permitted.

On a practical note: You are welcome to bring appropriate flags, banners and posters, though we will bring some along as well.

Join us – Together we stand strong

– Og fuck islamonazier som Einheilzlizten/WAFFEN-SF sender på gaden for at true fredelige og anstændige folk.

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