Filippinsk valg 2016

Som vi var inde på i denne post, så er støtten til Rody Duterte som filippinsk præsident, at finde i bredt, dvs i alle sektorere og indkomst klasser. En man kunne sige repræsentere “eliten” forklarer selv på sin FB og hos GRP, i anledning af han blev spurgt af en journalist (hos et ikke filippinsk medie) om hvorfor han støtter Duterte. Der er tale om fhv indenrigsminister Rafael Alunan, for nærværende kandidat til senatet. Det giver han otte grunde til:

I was interviewed by a foreign journalist yesterday. She asked why I was supporting Rodrigo Duterte (Du30) despite all the negative press about him.

First, I said that he and I had the opportunity to work together for peace and order during my time as Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). I know what he did and how he did it. It was tough law enforcement within the bounds of lawful authority, not extra-judicial killings or we would have arrested him as we did abusive local officials during the Ramos era.

Second, mudslinging and muckraking is standard operating procedure in politics. It goes with the territory. What’s needed is personal research and discernment whether there’s truth to it or disinformation gladly peddled by agents of the opposition disguised as journalists.

Eight, if I may add, he has a risk reduction, emergency preparedness and crisis management mindset which aims to save lives and protect property. Years of crises honed his mindset and skill sets that would do him well in the presidency as he tackles the nation’s man-made and natural disasters in the years ahead.

Is that his defense? No, he can ably defend himself. These are my views, how I see him beyond his mistakes as to what he can do for the greater good and the national interest. We have monumental problems that have grown because of negligence and inattention.

He is putting things in proper perspective by spelling out the priorities necessary for genuine nation-building – a peaceful, just and lawful society that must underpin the country’s sustainable development.

I hope I’ve enlightened some of you who remain skeptical about Du30. As for Alan Peter Cayetano, he has the best credentials of all in terms of being matino and mahusay and to serve as Du30’s vice-president. All things being equal among his rivals, my assessment is that AP’s moral character and experience in governance gives him the edge over the others.

This is Raffy Alunan, kakampi ng bayan, No.3 sa balota, Senado 2016.


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