Kurt and the killings

Kurt, a swedish, made the buck in the millions on producing an item in thin plate metal that was once popular among sun bathers, used for reflecting sun rays to the face.

And then he went of to The Philippines and settled there in Cebu province, in the mid 1980′, with his filipina wife and there kid. He build a nice beach front house, for them in that days astronimical, sum of 25.000 US$.

Then pirates attacked the house, for the purpose of robbery, gunned Kurt and wife down. Wife got killed, Kurt was injured. There kid was unhurt.

Kurt recognized the pirates, three of them, since they where among the craftsmen building his house. And so he went to Maynila and hired a couple of contract killers to get justice done. Unfortunately they killed three wrong guys. Now Kurt was in deep shit. The pirates knowing that he knew them and  the families of the three wrongly killed, very angry and knowing Kurt was the man behind.

Kurt went off to Mindanao to hide and eventually died from a natural cause. The kid is assumed to live in Sweden by now, and the estate of Kurt and wife, that likely belongs to the kid, are under  negotiorum gestio.

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