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Filipina speeks to anti-jewish demo

On crystal night november 9, danish extreem leftist held, as usual, a demonstration under parols such as, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, never a holocaust again an so fort. This is, also as usual, hypocratic since the leftist at the same time wants to fight the jews down and the state of Israel liquidated. All in accordence with theire allies in the islamic world.

A little background on the filipinas doing au-pair in Denmark

There are about 3.300 filipinas living in Denmark as au-pair which is restricted to a 18 months term (maybe with the possibility of a extra term)

The danish trade union, wich traditional has been a unity organisation, meaning that any other union had been effectiveyly kept out, are suffering from the fact that no ones wants to be a member. And so they are looking for ways to get the grip back and to expand their buissness.

To this end they have eyed the possibillity of organizing the au-pairs and have set up a department for doing so. That department is headed by M. Jean Gocotano.

Danish trade union has also, by tradition, been the battelfield between political left, and extreem political left (communists). The latter being few in number, but very well organized and highly active and therefore influent.

It seams that theese extremist had taken the filipina au-pair under their wings, supporting with money and organizational structure. Now they want something for this.

And that thing is M. Jean Gocotano has to give a speek at a anti-jewish rally.

krystalnat AFA

Leaflet with Jean Gocotano on the speekers list

To get more on Jean Gocotano simply google “Jean Gocotano”, the first 2 – 3 page are informative.

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