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Clash på Mindanao

Mindst 44 specialpolitifolk blev dræbt i en operation, der skulle neutralisere et par muhammedanske terrorister, Zulkifli bin Hir, alias “Marwan,” en malayisk terrorist og en lokal, Abdul Basit Usman. Operationen tog sin begyndelse søndag morgen kl.03.

Stærkt islamofile Samarbejds-Politiken viderebringer et telegram fra islamiske al-Ritzau tirsdag om hændelsen. Fra telegrammet: (Bemærk at et regulært slag mellem terrorister og politi beskrives som “uroligheder”)

De voldsomme uroligheder opstod angiveligt, da politiet søndag ville anholde to formodede islamistiske terrorister i byen Mamasapano i provinsen Maguindanao, som ligger knap 1000 kilometer syd for hovedstaden Manila.

Ifølge Iqbal betyder den snart et år gamle fredsaftale, at politiet skal koordinere aktioner i området med oprørerne. Men han tror på, at det er muligt at komme videre i fredsprocessen.

»I vores øjne holder våbenhvilen fortsat«, siger Iqbal.

Fredsaftalen fra sidste år skal bringe en af Asiens længste og dødeligste konflikter til ophør. Den blodige strid har løbet over de seneste fire årtier, og titusindvis af mennesker har mistet livet.

Aftalen betyder, at det muslimske mindretal i landet får en autonom region.

Muslimske oprørere har siden 1970’erne kæmpet for uafhængighed eller autonomi på de sydlige øer i Filippinerne, som de anser for at være deres forfædres hjemland, da arabiske handelsrejsende ankom til området i 1300-tallet.

Man kan bemærke sig uanset, at Iqbal, der repræsentere MILF, henholder sig til at der er en aftale om koordinering, så var det MILF tropper, der stod for beskyttelsen af de to terrorister og, at politifolkene blev dræbt i forløbet efter terroriste Marwan var neutraliseret.

På GRP har benigO tirsdag en post der perspektivere til den pågående “fredsproces, og skriver bl.a.:

The answer to that question has been known since the so-called “peace negotiations” with the MILF began. That the Philippine government, in cahoots with its Malaysian “broker”, would negotiate with a terrorist organisation is nothing short of a spit on the graves of the Filipino warriors whose blood was spilt in Mindanao fighting the Philippines’ Muslim insurgency.

Yet, the negotiations pushed along — seemingly fuelled by President BS Aquino’s vanity-inspired quest for a Nobel Peace Prize to white-mark the vast blot that is his failed presidency — despite mounting evidence that the entire framework and approach was flawed, perhaps illegal even. That no less than the Philippine president would personally meet with the leader of a terrorist group, MILF chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim back in 2011 had a fishy smell all over it…

A few years after that initial meeting, we now know that he did disregard the Constitution and entered into a contract with the MILF even without the approval of Congress and the judiciary. Here’s the part of the Bangsamoro agreement where some legal experts agree that BS Aquino may have overstepped his role when he represented the Philippine government:

Part 7, para. 4, subpara (b) provides that one of the functions of the Transition Commission is “to work on proposals to amend the Philippine Constitution for the purpose of amending and enriching in the Constitution the agreements of the parties whenever necessary without derogating from any prior peace agreement.”

The above section indicates that amendment of the Constitution is needed to make the agreement legal. Which makes some people wonder why BS Aquino and his staff were already euphoric after the ceremonial signing was held recently. They are very good at celebrating without yet seeing the results of their efforts.

As usual, actions that should have been put into effect long ago (recognising the illegality of this political stunt), before disaster struck, are only now being implemented. Lawmakers who are part of committees reviewing the Bangsamoro Basic Law bill have suspended hearings pending the results of an investigation into the incident. According to Senator Bongbong Marcos who heads these hearings, “A peace settlement cannot be legislated under the threat of such extreme violence.”

You don’t say.

På har Joel M. Sy Egco og William Depasupil spurgt erfarne folk om deres syn på sagen. Fra artiklen:

THE 800-member Association of Generals and Flag Officers (AGFO) on Wednesday condemned the killing of 49 policemen on January 25 in Maguindanao, describing the incident as a “heinous, barbaric massacre” that cannot be justified under an ongoing peace process with Muslim insurgents.

The group, composed mostly of retired star-rank military and police officers who are veterans of the Mindanao insurgency and the campaign against terrorist groups such as the Abu Sayyaf, demanded the surrender of the perpetrators and the return of the firearms seized from the slain policemen.

AGFO called for a “swift and independent” investigation of the supposed “mis-encounter.”

Adan, who served as spokesman for the AFP and eventually superintendent of the Philippine Military Academy prior to his retirement, said the MILF remains an “enemy” of the government.

Agfo gave little support to the ongoing peace effort with the secessionists.

“It should not be forgotten that even as negotiations are happening, the status of the MILF forces as a combatant force that considers the government forces as its enemy is real, as shown in the Al Barka ambush of Army Scout rangers in Basilan in 2011 and many other skirmishes,” Adan warned.

Limited control
He said the MILF does not seem to be the umbrella group that represents the people in Mindanao, especially since recent incidents showed that it has little control over some of its forces.

“The MILF has shown that it cannot or has limited control over some of its forces and has rogue commanders over whom they have no real authority… When the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) under Commander Kato broke away from its ranks, the MILF leadership failed to take disciplinary action against it. Now their forces are living together in the same area,” Adan added.

The AGFO head challenged the MILF leadership to prove that it exercises authority and discipline over its commanders.

“Since the objective is peace, the government should be talking with the entity that has control of elements who can wage war,” Adan pointed out.

The 50-year-old organization is composed of mostly retired and active duty generals and flag-ranked officers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Coast Guard, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and Bureau of Fire Protection.

Agfo recommends the observance of national mourning where the Philippine flag will be flown at half mast throughout the country for one week, “to show the abhorrence of the nation and show support to the rule of law and the nation’s men in uniform.”

På giver chef for SAF styrkerne, Getulio Napeñas, sit besyv og påtager sig det fulde ansvar for operationen. Fra artiklen:

“It was a command decision and we had been working on it for a long time and as a commander, I decided that it was best not to inform other units in the police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines about the plan of initiating the actual assault. It was a judgment call and I take full responsibility,” Napeñas, the SAF commander, told this reporter in an interview on Tuesday evening.

He compared the secrecy about Oplan Wolverine to “Operation Neptune Spear,” the covert US Navy Seals operation that cornered al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in March 2011.

“Why, was the Pakistani government informed about the operation that got Bin Laden? No, right? This is the same. We received information that required action and it was our duty to take action. It’s inherent to our job as law enforcers and as one command,” Napeñas said.

Napeñas explained that under police operational procedures, a commander should inform his superior about a mission before or during the operation.

He said he initially informed Espina about the Mamasapano operation through a text message at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday.

“I informed him that the operation against Marwan was under way. We were already there and the troops were already deployed,” he said.

But the intelligence information received by the SAF placed Marwan right there, he said.

“We worked hard on this and we couldn’t allow our work to go to waste by informing the MILF. We don’t trust the MILF,” he said.

The 392 police commandos were divided into groups were positioned as early as 3 a.m. on Sunday. The plan, according to Napeñas, was for a surgical operation of only 30 minutes. Four nipa huts in the village were the targets of the assault.

At 4:20 a.m., part of the assault force was able to enter the nipa hut where Marwan was sleeping, Napeñas said.

“Marwan woke up, that was around 4:30 a.m., and he managed to be the first to shoot, that’s why some of us were hit. But we returned fire and killed him outright,” he said.

The exchange of gunfire brought Marwan’s security to action. As the policemen were about to pull out, they came under fire from all directions, Napeñas said.

When the firing became intense, one SAF officer extracted DNA from Marwan, Napeñas said. Then the assault team decided it was best to bring Marwan’s body and shoot its way out of there, he said.

The team got out, said Napeñas, who described the other side as BIFF and MILF forces who “came from all directions.”

At past 6 a.m., the joint monitoring team from the MILF and the government called a ceasefire, Napeñas said, but the “MILF did not stop shooting.”

Man kan spørge om hændelsen er en trussel mod den påståede fredsproces. Det er den ikke al den stund, der ikke er nogen pågående fredsproces.  Hvad der der i mod er, er et spil for galleriet som EUSSR holder gående ved at hælde europæiske skatteyderes penge i foretagnet, hvorfor alle har en interesse i at holde det gående. Hertil kommer, at den nuværende præsident er blevet lovet en skamstøtte i form af den norske “Nobels Fredspris”, hvis han kan få det seneste resultat af fredsprocessen, BBL, igennem kongressen. Det tør vi godt spå bliver svært.


Efter slaget skændede muhammedanerne ligene af poltitifolkene. Fra Sunstar:

A HIGH-RANKING official of Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 condemned the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for “desecrating” the bodies of the members of Special Action Force (SAF) who were killed in a battle in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last Sunday.

“We should not forgive them for that. Ang gumagawa lang niyan ay ISIS,” said Senior Supt. Conrado Capa, deputy regional director for operations of PRO 7 and acting director of Cebu City Police Office (CCPO).

“I can forgive them because the police and military die in a battle. What I can’t forgive, is, you desecrated the dead. That’s unacceptable. There’s no need to mutilate the dead. You don’t have to cut the heads, take out the eyes and cut the arms. They’re already dead. Just give us the dignity of death,” he said.