Sattelit overvågning

Midt i stømmen af nyheder og kommetarere ovenpå jihad angrebet i Bryssel, som holder MSM og parasit-klassen travlt beskæftiget med at forklare, at det så absolut intet, som i intet intet, har med islam eller muhammedaner import at gøre, kan vi lige så godt bruge tid på noget helt andet.

Således meddeler Official Gazette, at Filippinerne i dag vil få opsendt en sattelit designet og bygget af filippinere. Sattelitten skal blandt andet nyttigt, anvendes til grænsekontrol. Sattelitten har kostet i omegnen af 115 millioner danske kroner. Fra meddelelsen:

The potential uses of DIWATA include: improved weather detection and forecasts, disaster risk management, detecting agricultural growth patterns, and the monitoring of forest cover, mining, protection of cultural and historical sites, and the territorial borders of the Philippines.

Diwata, the first microsatellite built by an all-Filipino team.

DIWATA was turned over to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to prepare for its launch into space this month. With DIWATA, comes the Filipino dream to have its own Philippine Space Agency.

More than this, the potential uses of Diwata’s images include improved weather detection and forecasts, disaster risk management, detecting agricultural growth patterns, and the monitoring of forest cover, mining, protection of cultural and historical sites, and the territorial borders of the Philippines. Diwata will be sending vital images and data back to Philippine Earth Data Resources and Observation (PEDRO) Center which was set up to receive data from the satellite


Details of Diwata

DIWATA 1 is equipped with a high precision telescope (HPT) that can determine the extent of damages from disasters, like typhoons and volcanic eruptions. It can also monitor changes in cultural and natural heritage sites, like the Mount Apo or Mayon Volcano.

Its spaceborne multispectral imager (SMI) with LCTF will be able to monitor changes in vegetation and monitor oceans productivity.

It also carries a wide field camera that will help scientists and weather forecasters better observe cloud patterns and more accurately predict weather disturbances.

Its middle field camera assists in determining the locations of images captured using the HPT and SMI.

—From the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development

Filipina with danish descent wins beauty contest

Inquirer has the story

MANILA, Philippines–Commercial model and TV host Valerie Weigmann, of Albay province, was crowned Miss World Philippines 2014 Sunday night in Manila.

Weigmann, who describes herself in her Facebook account as of Filipino, German and Danish descent, also won numerous special awards including Best in Swimsuit, Best in Fashion Runway and Best in Long Gown.

And UH dont make any comments here…

Mindanao, BBL, the current state

The blog has a post on the consequenses of the proposed Bangasamoro Basic Law that put it into context. We steal a little.

The post (and columnist Bobi Tiglao) ask to state of mental health among thlose hav who draftede and are supporters of the proposed deal.

Well; it’s not only a question about what knowleged and belifes they hold. They are under influence from western politician and academics. And they have a urgent problem of showing somthing that can serve as a fundament fore there belive in socalled “multicultiralism” which in reality is an other word for massemigration of muhammedanians into the west, most clearly in europe. And they have payed huge amount of money and other forms of support to there filipino counterparts to help grease the proces. An example of such person is the danish ambassador to the Philippines, who are portraited here.

Reality on the ground, in the blog holders opninon, is that not much has changed since the days of spanish rule and question, for the internal affaiars of the Philippines, has been to and still is, have and keep a grip on muhammedanians to avoid there attacks. That can nowadays be done other ways. Look to Israel…

From benignO’ post on getrealphilippines:


…”Under the proposed law, an autonomous “political entity” will be created in Mindanao which will enjoy an “asymmetric relationship” with the Philippine government. The implications of that term used in the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) on the future of the wellbeing of the people of Mindanao is anyone’s guess. Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao writes in his article Bangsamoro bill: Have they lost their minds? how the BBL…”

Tiglao highlights the point that it opens the Bangsamoro nation to the possibility of seceding from the Philippines and possibly joining Malaysia as a state in its federation. But what could be a lot more interesting is the possibility of the Bangsamoro people embracing — as state policy even — more militant, more fundamentalist, and more scary flavours of Islamic practice. Most ominous of all, Article X Section 1 of the BBL clearly states that the Bangsamoro state will implement a justice system based on Sharia Law “which shall have supremacy and application over Muslims only.” This does not bode well for Filipino Chrisitians living in the area who may have to seriously consider leaving what may become a no-go zone for “infidels”.

Already, there are reports that alleged foreign jihadists have entered the Philippines to indoctrinate Filipino Muslims in militant Islamism. Recently, Canadian imam Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips was nabbed by police in Mindanao and is currently facing deportation proceedings. Philips is currently in the blacklist of several countries including the United States, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom because of his teachings and practices and is even alleged by Washington to be a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. But residents of Marawi City in Mindanao, a towering bastion of Islamic radicalism in the Philippines’ south have reportedly taken to the streets in large numbers to protest Philips’s deportation — a testament to how much radical Islam is resonating amongst Filipino Muslims.

Observers have long criticised the US for its penchant for arming future insurgents. Indeed, the late Osama bin Laden himself was a beneficiary of previous US governements’ initiatives to arm elements seen, at the time, to be a common ally in the fight of what, again at the time, were America’s enemies. But the Philippine government’s approach to making “peace” with its own Muslim community is in a league of idiocy of its own. President BS Aquino counted as his partner in this initiative the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which, even now, has not categorically disassociated itself from their militant Islamic roots.


Relevant for an understanding of why european/western politicians and academics act as they do, is the Fjordmand Files. (via Thundra Taboids)