Intimidation of a PO

Tabloid BT tells the story about intimidation of a policeofficer, Michael Larsen, who lives in a niegbourghood commonly seen, by people not familiar with said area, as a nice, lower middelclass, area. The angel from the journalist and the paper is that police arriving upon a certain incident are not doing enough to investigate. That is actualy not the most interesting about it.

The history in brief and english:

Michael Larsen, living in an apartment building, have a dinner with a few close friends, when sudenly the glass in the window break, which seam to be the result of a gun shot. Likely from a sports air gun. Police are called and arrive and start there work, which offcause is also to look into other possibilities than a gun shot. Larsen are not happy with the conduct off the arriving officers.

Larsen tells, that he had seen suspisous personalities in the area, for what reason he has started photographing that kind of people.

The article states he live in “Søborg” in an apartment and supplements with pictures.

UH can from a source close to us suplement this part of the story. From picture and description it can be stated that he lives in a complex named “Bækkebo”. Further from googling “bækkebo dyssegaard” precies mapping and more picture are availeble.

That area are street know for having problems with emigrant youth, aka muhammedanians. So what we are witnessing from that article, is more that now the decay, as a liveble place for low/middle income, of this area has speed up to level where even journalists can no longer ignore it.

Danish blog Uriasposten has previously reported an incident, where suspisious personalities where faking being police officeres in order to controll who was in the said area. Short: A taxi driver was flagged down from a car, and a person telling he was a police officer in civil attire asked for ID. Such stories from that area are common. From the description this incident has been very close to the recidens of Larsen, 100 meters or so.