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Mangel på moral – Røde Kors

Dagen idag er så dagen, hvor Dansk Røde Halvmånes Anders Ladekarl har bebudet at han skal optræde i hele tre verdens kendte medier. CNN og BBC var vidst imellem.

Og det undre ikke. Røde Kors er primært en organisation, hvor det handler om, at medarbejderne kan rage penge til de private lommer, samt offentlig fremtræden. Fokus er på hvordan man tager sig ud. Og hvordan man fremmer islam mest muligt.

Tilbage i 2014 gennemgik Laura Sullivan organisations arbejde ovre i Amerikas Forenede Stater i de seneste år:

This week we have been reporting on the American Red Cross and its performance around Superstorm Sandy. After that storm devastated parts of the East Coast two years ago, Americans donated more than $300 million to the charity, but now some are challenging the charity’s effectiveness and its priorities.

LAURA SULLIVAN, BYLINE: There’s a picture online of Gail McGovern, the head of the American Red Cross, two weeks into Superstorm Sandy’s recovery. She’s standing at a podium at a press conference on Staten Island. And behind her, as a sort of backdrop, two of the charity’s emergency vehicles sit idle. It’s a frustrating image for two pastors who organized much of that area’s relief efforts. Reverends Daniel Delgado and John Rocco Carlo were barely three miles away here in the parking lot of Carlo’s Christian Pentecostal Church.

REVEREND DANIEL DELGADO: This is where we were able to set up. We set up tents here.

SULLIVAN: In the days after the storm, thousands of people gathered on this black asphalt for help. But the pastors say the Red Cross wasn’t among those who showed up.

DELGADO: They gave us nothing – not a shovel, not a rake – nothing.

REVEREND JOHN ROCCO CARLO: Every commercial on the news – give, you know, and they would show pictures, and I’d recognize the pictures. I was like, you guys weren’t there.

SULLIVAN: Delgado and Carlo organized their own box truck deliveries and started serving 8,000 meals a day. It’s the kind of thing they thought the Red Cross would be doing. When workers did trickle in in the days and weeks that followed, Delgado and Carlo say they were impressed with the volunteers but not the organization.

Richard Rieckenberg lives in a beige, adobe-style house half-hour outside of Santa Fe. He joined the Red Cross after 20 years in the Navy as a chief engineer on nuclear submarines. And he managed relief efforts for dozens of the nation’s disasters since 2005.

RIECKENBERG: I think the Red Cross serves an important function. I wouldn’t give you this interview if I didn’t think that the Red Cross needs to hear it.

SULLIVAN: Rieckenberg says the Red Cross was one of the best jobs he’s had. But in recent years, small incidents started to pile up about the time the Red Cross started facing large budget deficits. By 2012, when Hurricane Isaac hit, Rieckenberg says the organization was unprepared, undersupplied and understaffed.

RIECKENBERG: We didn’t have food in the shelters. We didn’t have cots. We didn’t have blankets in the shelter, which to me was incredible because we saw this hurricane coming a long way away.


Tilbage i 2014 drev Svensk Rødekors en ældre frivillig medarbejder, den 71 årige Barbro Feldt, til selvmord ved, at udsætte hende for racismebelyvning, her.